30th Symposium on Implementation and Application of Functional Languages

University of Massachusetts Lowell, MA, USA

Wednesday September 5th - Friday September 7, 2018



The goal of the IFL symposia is to bring together researchers actively engaged in the implementation and application of functional and function-based programming languages. IFL 2018 will be a venue for researchers to present and discuss new ideas and concepts, work in progress, and publication-ripe results related to the implementation and application of functional languages and function-based programming.

Topics of interest

Topics of interest to IFL include, but are not limited to:

Submissions and peer-review

IFL 2018 solicits two kinds of submissions:

  1. Regular papers (12 pages including references)
  2. Draft papers for presentations ('weak' limit between 8 and 15 pages)

Regular papers will undergo a rigorous review by the program committee, and will be evaluated according to their correctness, novelty, originality, relevance, significance, and clarity. A set of regular papers will be conditionally accepted for publication. Authors of conditionally accepted papers will be provided with committee reviews along with a set of mandatory revisions. Regular papers not accepted for publication may be considered as draft papers, at the request of the author.

Draft papers will be screened to make sure that they are within the scope of IFL, and will be accepted for presentation or rejected accordingly.

Prior to the symposium:
Authors of conditionally accepted papers and accepted presentations will submit a pre-proceedings version of their work that will appear in the draft proceedings distributed at the symposium. The draft proceedings does not constitute a formal publication. We require that at least one of the authors present the work at IFL 2018.

After the symposium:
Authors of conditionally accepted papers will submit a revised versions of their paper for the formal post-proceedings. The program committee will assess whether the mandatory revisions have been adequately addressed by the authors and thereby determines the final accept/reject status of the paper.
Our interest is to ultimately accept all conditionally accepted papers. If you are an author of a conditionally accepted paper, please make sure that you address all the concerns of the reviewers.

Authors of accepted draft papers for presentation will be given the opportunity to incorporate the feedback from discussions at the symposium and will be invited to submit a revised full article for the formal post-proceedings. The program committee will evaluate these submissions according to their correctness, novelty, originality, relevance, significance, and clarity, and will thereby determine whether the paper is accepted or rejected.

At no time may work submitted to IFL be simultaneously submitted to other venues; submissions must adhere to ACM SIGPLAN's republication policy: http://www.sigplan.org/Resources/Policies/Republication

Peter Landin Prize

The Peter Landin Prize is awarded to the best paper presented at the symposium every year. The honored article is selected by the program committee based on the submissions received for the formal review process. The prize carries a cash award equivalent to 150 Euros.

Programme committee

Chairs: Jay McCarthy & Matteo Cimini, University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA


The 30th IFL will take place at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. The City of Lowell is located at the heart of the Merrimack Valley just 30 miles northwest of Boston. Lowell can be easily reached by train or taxi. See the website for more information on the venue.


This call-for-papers is an adaptation and evolution of content from previous instances of IFL. We are grateful to prior organizers for their work, which is reused here.

A part of IFL 2018 format and CFP language that describes conditionally accepted papers has been adapted from call-for-papers of OOPSLA conferences.